Central Asian Republic

 The interest of the world is being drawn to the great trans-continental routes of the ancient world. The Great Silk Road is a rich tapestry of tourism destinations and products based on the unique and outstandingly rich heritage, nature, and traditions of the dozens of distinct histories, peoples and cultures all along the timeless route, now extending a warm welcome to visitors Kazakhstan Larger than all Western Europe, Kazakhstan is a vast country of steppes and mountains rich in natural beauty. Kyrgyzstan Compared to its neighbors in the region, Kyrgyzstan is not very large. Kyrgyzstan's landscape of high, forested mountains and lush, grassy steppes have attracted Silk Road travelers thankful for the region's cool climate. Tajikistan Like Turkmenistan, Tajikistan was once part of Persian territory in old times. Turkmenistan The history of Turkmenistan can be traced back to the 4th century BC , it is located on the Silk Road, occupies a strategic spot in the region. It is among those countries, which have common borders and good relations with Iran. Elaborately woven, bright crimson carpets created by the delicate hands of nomadic tribal women have become the artistic symbol of Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan The fabled mosques and madrasas of Samarkand, Bukhara and Chive, with their marvelous design and colorful tile work, are just some of the sites in Uzbekistan linked to the Silk Road enjoy unique train rides in Uzbekistan.


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