Malaysian Visa Services

Following are the types of visa applications being dealt by Omar Travels Visa Drop Box

  • VTR (Visa without reference)

Categories mentioned as below are included in VTR type of applications.  This includes all short stay single/ multiple entry visa applications (maximum 30 days)
1.    Tourism
2.    Holiday
3.    Business/ Conference  
4.    Visiting Friends / Relatives  
5.    Transit  


  • VDR (Visa with reference)

Visa with reference is for Long Stay Applicants which is given after application referral and approval by Department of Immigration in Malaysia.
Below are the applications falling under this category
1.    Student
2.    Employment
3.    Dependants
4.    Professional visits
5.    MM2H

Application Process:

Applications can be submitted at Omar Travels personally by the applicants or through any representatives.  It is strongly recommended to provide all documents as required by the High Commission and mentioned in the document requirement list as below.

Processing Time:

High Commission could take up to 1 week or 10 days for the processing of visa applications.  Applicants are advised to submit their applications well in advance at Omar Travels office.


Malaysian Visa Requirement:

  • 01 visa form dully filly (Must be filled in Capital Letters)
  • 4 recent passport size picture with white background
  • Application to the Visa Consular Malaysian High Commission requesting for a visa (Must be typed)
  • 01 photocopy of CNIC (Back and front at the same page)
  • Original passport with 01 photocopy of the first page must be valid for 6 months.
  • Ticket and hotel bookings
  • Personal bank statement of last three months showing credit balance of minimum RS: 100,000 or travelers cheques of the same amount in original with 2 photo copies.
  •   Invitation letter (If any)
  • Visa fee and services charges:  Rs: 16500/-
  • Visa process time:  10 to 15 working  days.