Saltmine & Ketas Temples

       The Khewra Salt Mine (or Mayo Salt Mine) is located in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan,an administrative subdivision of Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's largest and oldest salt mine and the world's second largest. The salt reserves at Khewra were discovered when Alexander the Great crossed the Jhelum and Mian Wali region during his Indian campaign. The mine was discovered, however, not by Alexander, nor by his allies, but by his army's horses, when they were found licking the stones. Ailing horses of his army also recovered after licking the rock salt stones During the Mughal era the salt was traded in various markets, as far away as Central Asia. On the downfall of the Mughal empire, the mine was taken over by Sikhs. Hari Singh Nalwa, the Sikh Commander-in-Chief, shared the management of the Salt Range with Gulab Singh, the Raja of Jammu. The former controlled the Warcha mine, while the latter held Khewra Ketas

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       The temples of Ketas are situated about 4 km away from Choa Saidan Shah on Kallar Kahar – Choa Saidan Shah Road. The distance of Ketas from the salt mines of Khewra is about 18 km. this place was originally known as Katahsha or spring of raining eyes. According to an old legend when Shiva was very sad at the death of his wife Sati, tears fell from his eyes one at Pushkar at Ajmer, and the other at Ketas. So in memory of this the temples were built. Here is a pool sacred to the Hindus. The pool lies in the midst of two hills fed by springs in the pool itself. The Hindus believed that the pool was bottomless but during the British period soundings were taken and the depth was found to be only 7 meters. Probably the oldest building in Ketas is a Buddhist Stupa. The remains of this stupa are still visible on an elevated portion of Ketas

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